Thursday, December 27, 2012

Debt (Dec. 2012)


Checking in!

$2,500 (Credit Card)
$5,853.04 (C Car Loan)
$7,357.78 (J Car Loan)
$791.66 (J Previous Car Loan)
$867.58 (J Personal Loan)
$2,518.88 (J Gov't Loan)


Result: Decreased debt by $1,419.37 this month.

I was hoping to be a little more aggressive, but we went big on Christmas gifts for each other this year. We don't usually do huge gifts for every occassion but when we do, we go big.

We got a stipend for student loans through his program and he thought I used it to pay bills. Instead, that man is now the proud owner of his very own Snap-on tool box.
These things are a necessity for mechanics and they are (along with all the tools he'll be needing) extremely expensive. He got me several items I love including jewelry, perfume, and a sweet SkyPen.

I have been wanting one of these for a while! It is a pen that records audio as well as whatever it is you are writing and then can display it as a video online. I'm not quite sure how everything works yet, but I really want to figure out a way to use it in the classroom. Pumped!

It was basically the biggest Christmas ever. Again, in years past we haven't given each other gifts at all. In fact, his birthday was in December and we had decided no gifts. We don't do anything on our anniversary, either. This was just the year, apparently, that we went for the splurge.

Also, I'll be flying to visit my friend in a couple weeks and we paid for the ticket this month as well. All in all, I think we did ok with the debt considering how many other details came into play this month. Plus, the world was supposed to end, so I was probably a little lax. Ya know.

 Pay off everything except J's car loan by June 2013!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

20th Century Christmas

Care Bears and My Little Pony!

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