Sunday, November 27, 2011


During this Thanksgiving, we trekked out to J's parents' house in Arkansas.

We had a lot of this:

(And by this, I meant delicious cake, not crazy eye.)

Although, come to think of it, there was definitely an abundance of crazy eye.

But you know what? It didn't really seem out of place. At one point, I found myself sitting on the porch with my leopard-print house shoes on while J's older brother handed me the "girl section" (re: Kohl's advertisement and sales circulars). To my right, J was sitting on the porch swing, eyeing the woods across the street, hugging his favorite new toy.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I'm peeking out from under my rock.

Wow. Things have changed.

I'll be honest with you, I'm totally burnt out and kind of feel like a completely different person than who I was only six months ago.

Did I tell you I have a job? Like, a full-time, I'm-now-scared-about-identity-theft-because-I-actually-make-money kind of job?

I am a high school English teacher. I corrupt young minds, whole groups at a time. It's kind of fantastic, really.

Also, because I didn't think I'd be working, I had petitioned to take extra classes in my Master's program.

So right now...a few weeks before the end of the semester...let me just say, I just spent two straight days, lying on mountains of homework and papers to grade, rolling all over my in-laws' pull-out couch because I'm trying to stay out of the way. I could use a shower and it's a good thing they're feeding me. (My MIL is an educator, so she totally gets it.)

Also? Planning a big wedding bash, to take place during Christmastime, as basically a part  two to our wedding since we didn't do the whole big family celebration the first time around.

I look in the mirror now and every time, without fail, I think about Botox. Normal?