Friday, June 28, 2013

June Debt Check-in

I'm cheating this month.

$5,300.00 (C Car Loan)

$5,834.18 (J Car Loan)
$2,168.66 (J Gov't Loan)

TOTAL$13,845.72 $8,002.84
Result: Decreased debt by $5,842.88 in the past month. This is the cheat. I've traded in my car for a lease, but since I feel like I'm just on a 3-year rental plan, I've stripped the total debt out of the equation here. I still have the monthly payment in my budget but I've decided it doesn't count as debt. 

It makes me feel better.

student loan debt:


$93,001.10 $92,891.37
Decreased $109.73. Meh.

TOTAL= $100,894.21

Thursday, June 13, 2013

National Average

I've hit a new milestone. I went from one to the next in less than a year.