Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday. EXACTLY.

It's Black Friday, a post-holiday holiday I think is just nuts. God bless all you crazies trying to get some good deals at Target.

On a personal note, a day called "Black Friday" is basically summing up my life during the past two weeks. It's been overwhelming.

Last post I had was probably the last day that made any sense. I did go to Manhattan, and seeing my friend was wonderful and I love the heck out of her. However, my husband was pretty concerned about the whole thing, especially since I guess my facebook messages were not reaching him and he was unaware of the whole thing until he tried to call the house and was told I was in New York for the weekend. Eek, that did not go over so well. After we touched base he was fine and really supportive, so that was good.

On the road home, my frickin' eye was killing me. Turns out I got myself a mad case of pink eye, so I was out of work for two days until my doctor cleared me. There's a bug going around as well, so that was another slice of awesomeness.

Also, my OBGYN called. She always says, "No news is good news," so of course, this was not good news. She told me I have "abnormal cells" and they scheduled a biopsy to be done.

Which, by the way, hurt like a %#^$%#^&.

Anyone who knows me well knows that my #1 fear is cancer. I'm terrified of it. To top it off, two of the closest people to me had to remove female body parts after they were told they had "abnormal cells". It's like, my husband will have left under one set of circumstances and might come back to a wife who may not be able to carry babies. That would really, REALLY suck.

The same week I was scheduled for the biopsy, we got a call from my aunt telling us that we needed to get to the nursing home. My grandmother fell extremely ill on Wednesday, and on Thursday, I sat with her while she passed away.

Since last week it's been wakes, funerals, biopsies, and relationship meltdowns, and Thanksgiving.

Oh, and Black Friday.

Friday, November 12, 2010

This Project is Taking Over My Life.

But I'm REALLY excited about it!

I have sequestered myself indoors, camping out in our (typically frozen) basement while I frantically use the scanner located down there.

I am actually heading out in a few minutes to drive to Manhattan and visit my girlfriend, but let me just say this really quickly--I'm working on a book of our family tree for my grandparents to give them for Christmas! This sounds like I'm just scrapbooking, but with my nerdical love of all things history, there are mother effing footnotes. Seriously, I feel like some kind of Dan Brown heroine, cracking geneaological codes to discover what actually happened.

So far, I've found out we may be Polish (not German), we've got some blue blood, my great-grandfather was adopted, and another relative learned to play the trumpet through the grates of a POW camp.


Also, my brother and I decided that my great-grandfather, who was taken in by his aunt and uncle and didn't discover they weren't his real parents until he was trying to get married using the wrong last name, would have made an excellent Romanian vampire.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker Makes Me Get Philosophical.

I stayed home from work today due to excessive rage. I wasn't sick, but I was seriously going to kill someone. Most people know me as extremely laid-back and extremely patient, but there are a lot of things going on right now in every aspect of my life that one more thing was going to send me over the edge.

The fact that I live in the same building as my mother makes me turn from "slightly annoyed at several events" to "i'm going to get into the car, slam on the pedal, and recklessly drive until i can't feel feelings anymore", which is a dangerous mental state.

Long story short, I spent the day mostly at home (minus going to fill out auto refinance paperwork, taking the dog to the groomer's and collecting my mother from the state capital, during rush hour, while she bitched that I was 20 minutes late.) I tried to have a relax day, and my boss had lent me Sex and the City 2 a couple days ago.

In the first half of the movie, the women are fabulous, they look great (for their ages...) and everyone is out getting theirs and traveling to exotic locales. Right in the middle, my best friend from college calls and I pause the movie. She lives in Manhattan and I will be visiting her next weekend. She's a single girl, works in PR, and lives the successful, Samantha Jones-type existence. She asks what I want to do and inspired by that quartet of cougars, I respond, "I want to go somewhere I can wear hooker/club shoes but not anywhere that would make my husband uncomfortable."

Then I watched the second half of that movie, when sh*t goes to hell, and that inflated "Let's party!" mood dissipated. And I realize that none of that stuff would actually make me happy. As much as I consider myself totally boring now, being all married-y, I would never trade anything I have with my husband for all the clothes, travel, hair stylists, or nightlife there is. I don't even want him to think that I would want that life over what we have together. I truly, truly love him. He's funny and passionate, honest, impulsive, strong, capable, and sexy as hell. Compared to being with him, those other things just aren't appealing like they used to be.

So do married people still go out? Like, really go out? I don't want to go to a rave, but I'm not talking about an Applebee's.

Is it ok to go out when my husband's deployed?