Friday, November 12, 2010

This Project is Taking Over My Life.

But I'm REALLY excited about it!

I have sequestered myself indoors, camping out in our (typically frozen) basement while I frantically use the scanner located down there.

I am actually heading out in a few minutes to drive to Manhattan and visit my girlfriend, but let me just say this really quickly--I'm working on a book of our family tree for my grandparents to give them for Christmas! This sounds like I'm just scrapbooking, but with my nerdical love of all things history, there are mother effing footnotes. Seriously, I feel like some kind of Dan Brown heroine, cracking geneaological codes to discover what actually happened.

So far, I've found out we may be Polish (not German), we've got some blue blood, my great-grandfather was adopted, and another relative learned to play the trumpet through the grates of a POW camp.


Also, my brother and I decided that my great-grandfather, who was taken in by his aunt and uncle and didn't discover they weren't his real parents until he was trying to get married using the wrong last name, would have made an excellent Romanian vampire.

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