Sunday, March 20, 2011

You gotta be kiddin' me, Lifetime.

One last post tonight and I swear, I'm done.

Sunday nights, I know I'm gonna get all emotional and sloppy because Sunday nights means Army Wives and Coming Home. Army Wives I can manage, but Coming Home gets me every time.

This week, Army Wives leaves on a cliffhanger as the ladies brace themselves while two uniformed soldiers step out of a black SUV, which can only mean one of two things: MIA or KIA, two of the dirtiest acronyms ever created.

MIA: Missing in Action.
KIA: Killed in Action.

Ok, so they've already got me frantic before Coming Home even starts. The show is fine up until the preview of next week's where they're having a tribute to a fallen soldier.


Now these two together would already freak me out because I seriously cannot handle that kind of thing. On top of it, I just sat through an MIA and KIA lecture this morning. My mother and I went to my brother's Reservist Family Day.

My little brother. Reservist. Navy corpsman attached to a Marine unit, deploying to Afghanistan as my husband makes his way home.

Salt in the wounds, Lifetime. Salt in the wounds.


  1. I couldn't believe they left us with a cliffhanger last night! Ught, next week is going to be an emotional one!

  2. I was SO upset with this ending. My husband just looks at me like I'm crazy when I watch these shows back to back because I cry for the whole TWO hours!. I'm your newest follower!