Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heat Makes Me Lazy

I blame Oklahoma heat for my lethargy and lack of blogging. 

It is unbearable. My husband and I were taking the dogs for a walk last night around 9pm, and according to the kiosk-thing of the gas station across the street, it was a cool 104 degrees. 

Basically, my level of feeling disgusting pretty much constantly has reached an all-time high. 

Fortunately, a cloud drifted across the sky this morning so I'm feeling a little more ambitious than is usual, so here's a quick sum-up of what's been happenin'!

At the beginning of June, Josh took his two weeks of leave and we drove out to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We were meeting up with his parents, brothers, brother's girlfriend, and any and all of his family who could make it down. 

I thought, Gulf Shores = Beach Vacation.

They thought, Gulf Shores= It's Time to Ride.

Since Josh got a bike, now every member of his family owns a motorcycle. In fact, his parents and brothers actually trekked out to the beach on their own rides. I followed them all in the sweet minivan, blasting AC and rockin' beats the whole time ('cause I'm cool like that.)

parking at the condo.
When my father-in-law, Bonz (b-OWN-z), found out I had zero experience on a motorcycle, he laid it on pretty heavy, telling me how much it would mean to him to have his whole family, "including my daughter", take a ride. 

After trying to choke down fear (have you ever had anyone talk to you about motorcycles and NOT tell you about someone's major accident?) I squared my shoulders and, for the sake of my FIL and my life mission to try everything once, I went and bought a sweet leather jacket at Goodwill for $5. 

Prior to the First Inaugural DeCorte Family Ride, Josh and I decided to pose in front of a giant metal wall crab.

It was fun! I don't think I'll ever be a hardcore rider, but it was good. We rode around, ending up at the Florabama, this great dive bar along the strip. 

Where we took this awesome photo. Jimmy as the random Garfield character is absolutely my favorite thing.

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