Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Debt. Damn you.

So, I have debt.

A LOT of debt.

I'm taking advantage of a rare day off and reading stupid articles about rich people taking "only 7 months" to pay off their loans from their Harvard MBA programs and having to stop payments to their multiple retirement funds to do it.


In the spirit of Newlyweds...on a Budget, I'm just going to lay it all down here. I'd say brace yourself, but I'm too busy bracing myself.

$2,500 (Credit Card)
$6,500 (C Car Loan)
$8,000 (J Car Loan)
$2,000 (J Previous Car Loan on a Lemon- so no car, but still got the payment)
$1,000 (J Personal Loan)
$3,000 (J Gov't Loan)

Take a deep breath.

I'm warning you.

$94,000 (C School Loans)


TOTAL: $117,000

The plus side is, we've paid off  a lot of the debt he brought, and now we're getting into mine. The down side is, this is a lot of freakin' debt.

Here's how I figure it- they say marriages can really suffer under financial strain, but we're still good. In fact, we've been broke and in love since day one. We are trial by fire, and we are totally winning.

Well, this was fun. Let's check in on those numbers again sometime next month.

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