Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Funny little guy.

 Since J and I will be moving very soon (eee!) I decided to hit up my trusty sittercity.com account and see if there was a family in need for the last few weeks of my MA tenure.

I have used this website before and it never fails which kind of surprises me. I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore since youcan find anything on the internet, but I'm always a little shocked that people leave their kids with me after finding me online. Regardless, 3 out of 3 experiences have been lovely.

This time I get to hang out with two funny little guys, 7 and 8, who enjoy fishing, crafting, reading, and Minecraft. Their family is moving around the same time J and I will be heading out and they're just looking for a little extra help during the moving process.

Basically, they're hilarious and we get along brilliantly. We go on adventures every day and I am so glad I did this because it feels like what summer is supposed to be about.

For example, this is G catching a large-mouth bass. I had to figure out how to handle that fish to get the hook out (which totally creeps me out, but I would never let him see that!) Normally we just reel in sunfish and I look totally capable, but not with a bass. After making an attempt the fish got loose, slimed down my front and landed at my feet. I started screaming, then laughing, the fish flopped against my ankles on its way to the water,  G started laughing, and the whole thing was just ridiculous. We also went canoeing and decided it would be hilarious to try and return to the dock backwards. He was laughing so hard he couldn't even breathe. Ah, so fun. He told me I'm the "kookiest lady" he's ever met. :)

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