Monday, April 5, 2010

Exotic Animals Attacked Our Car. (And dog.)

Possible one of the best Easters ever.

J and I figured, since he didn't have to work but we didn't exactly know what to do with ourselves on Easter, then we should go "find an adventure," which we use as our general motto for life.

So, on Sunday, we trekked out to Davis to check out this place we've been wanting to visit called "Arbuckle Wilderness: Oklahoma's Premier Exotic Animal Theme Park".


Basically, it's like Jurassic Park when they get to drive through the dinosaur park in cars, except replace the dinosaurs with camels.

Example A:

I was talking to J while he was driving, turned back to look out the window, and was face to face with a camel! (J was laughing his fool head off, by the way.) Then, our little dog Q decided to lick our new camel friend in the mouth.

We drove through and saw ostriches, tigers, timber wolves, llamas, zebras, buffalo, just keeps going! It was SO much fun, and, I have to say-well done, Oklahoma!

I never would have expected to feed zebras smack in the middle of the U.S.!

There were only two things that weren't completely picturesque.

1: Poor Q was attacked by emus, which, as it turns out, are incredibly aggressive bird-like things.

2: This llama.

Arbuckle Wilderness

$17/adult ($12 military discount)

3 cups of feed=$5 (worth it)


  1. I just found your blog and I must say that picture of the llama is amazing! It sure brought a much needed smile to my face! My husband is also deployed and I'm currently going to school to be a teacher! Awesome!

  2. Seriously the picture with the llama made me actually laugh out loud. So loud in fact I just woke my dog up.

  3. Oh my gosh, I need to go here! I LOVE camels and often threaten Mr. F with the idea of having one for a pet someday.