Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Christmas and My Birthday and Our Anniversary and...

J called me this morning and asked me to get a piece of paper and a pen.

He gave me an address and a code and told me to call him after my scavenger hunt.

That beautiful, wonderful, sweet man sent me to Best Buy.

You know what he got me?

Love love love love love!


  1. Awhhh it's a beautiful camera! Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Anniversary then ;-)

  2. Very nice! Enjoy your new camera:)

  3. How awesome! What a wonderful surprise :)

  4. What an awesome birthday present!!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I bet living in Rome was just awesome! That's the one place I didn't get to go to when I was there with him in November, we didn't have time with his work and stuff. I hope that we get to go there when I go in a few days or if not, then definitely when I move!

    Also, thank you so much for the advice on military clauses for vendors, that's definitely something I'm going to get with everyone I end up booking with, I can't be risking losing loads of cash if the date has to change, which is something pretty likely with the military, haha. :)