Thursday, February 21, 2013



Very, very happy about that. In fact, I can barely see my computer screen as I type this because me and m'pup have found the sunniest place in the kitchen and are sprawled out to catch some of it. This is especially convenient for him as it aso lets him keep an eye on all those squirrels. He gets to bark at them and thus save the homestead. (He's very brave.)

I have been working towards my goals since the Dream List. I have compared two schools I am interested in and have decided where I would apply. Also, I decided to go for a Ed.S. instead of a doctorate bcause honestly, quantitative research and statistics classes are incredibly boring and I really do not want to write a dissertation that would force me to do anything with those. Now, another degree in history or English? I can totally write me some papers.

Also, decided any kind of online photography program is not for me. I looked into it, and I know I'll need more hands-on. So that's been narrowed down a little.

I also worked out yesterday. Right after, I was talking with my mother, brother, and his girlfriend. She was saying how tall our family is (my brother is 6'4", mom is 5'10" and I'm almost 5'7") compared to her family. I was saying that people usually think we're even taller than we are- most people think I'm 5'10". She then said, "Yeah, you have really long legs that go all the way up."

I hope he marries that girl.

I need to add something to my Dream List, though. My skin is really, really bad. I got off birth control in May of 2010, thinking I probably need to clean my body of toxins if we wanted to start a family. It has been long enough now that I am categorized "infertile" and, even with drugs, who knows if I'll be able to get pregnant. J and I have come to terms with it and have both decided that we could be perfectly happy and fulfilled without having children. I don't know how we'll feel a few years from now, once we've hopefully paid down some debt and are living on our own. For now, though, we're ok with it.

Warning: This is not going to be pretty.

Anyway, so the Dream List: I want to have a better complexion. Once I got off the pills, basically my skin went to hell. I'm often mortified to go out of the house and, when it's really bad, I try all these different ways to not actually have my husband see my face.

This is my skin without any makeup. Not only do I break out, but I'm terrified that I'm startin to get pockmarks that I have no idea how to get rid of! When J and I met, I had much better skin. I feel terrible for him to have to see this, plus I teach, which means I have all eyes on me all day. It's really embarassing.

I'm getting back on the pill in March and am praying that will fix the issue.

In the meantime, IT.IS.SUNNY. and I am so glad to enjoy it before the next snow storm hits, scheduled for this weekend.

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