Monday, September 13, 2010

I miss my husband.

I miss my husband.

I miss just being with him and talking about the minutiae of our everydays, discussing for an hour what it is we may want to do with a Saturday, or bringing the dog with us while we get ice cream just because we want it.

I miss talking to him about anything other than bills or things I need to do/errands I need to run for both of us. The word "dollar" has become a dirty word to me; I wish we didn't have to talk about it all the time because we're worlds away from one another.

I miss the way he will dance to make me laugh, how excited he used to get about barbecuing on our tiny little grill and, after he had fallen asleep on the couch, waking him up by reaching for his hand so he'd come to bed with me at night. I miss his sleepy face that is just the cutest, saddest, most perfect face.

I can't wait to see him on his about a week!


Please, Jesus, I just really want to see him for a little bit. He'll be my own little library book- I know it's just a loan, but I still would like to check him out! (Wink wink!)

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