Saturday, September 4, 2010

Puppy Love

My pup's best friend is a horse.

We met him while taking a somewhat leisurely, somewhat frantic walk down the street 2 weeks ago. About five minutes from my house there are a bunch of really cute farms with generally one cow, a couple sheep, a handful of chickens.

One of these farms has three beautiful horses. The black and white share the same field, while a lonely chestnut one is fenced in by himself. I don't know why; seems friendly to me.

Q loves animals- in Oklahoma I had to chase him through prairie dog towns pretty frequently because he tried to get his snout up in their homes all the time. So when he saw the horse, immediately he had to go befriend him.

Look at him! He's so cute!

Now, on all of our walks, Q has figured out that if he scrambles up and gets himself wedged in the rock wall right outside the fence he gets to sit there with his friend. They enjoy licking each other in the snout, sniffing one another's ears, and Q sits by while his friend eats some grass.

It's love.

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