Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I don't get it.


I just wrote a big post and then my computer died. Um...oops!

On the bright side, I think I'll just take everything I was ranting on and on about and simplify real quick: I'm a little upset with the military, which is just par for the course in our love/hate relationship.

#1: Recently, rumors have been flying that they are taking away combat pay, so basically, all of those soldiers who are stuck on a small little patch of desert, baking away, will make exactly what they made right here in the 'ol USA. Frankly, I think that's a little crazy that they would do that, but I've seen them do similar things during deployments, so we'll see. Those poor milwives with babies.

#2: In the first month of deployment, they relocated J from one country to another. Somehow, his bags have yet to arrive (we're in our fourth month.) There are two things that are bugging me about this-first, they have told him it was HIS fault the items are missing and have been trying to tell him that WE owe THEM for everything that was in there. (Example: sleeping system=$400) That's frustrating.

Now, I just found out that all the bed clothes were in his luggage as well and they have not supplied anything in the new location. Meaning, poor J has been without sheets/blankets, etc. for 3 MONTHS. As soon as he told me I was really angry and then called around the family to pick up some odd jobs so I could buy the man a frickin' pillowcase.

I just feel so helpless because I want to cheer him up but he just seems so sad.

Does anyone else run into these kinds of issues? Sometimes I can't tell if it's the Army, his Unit, or if it's just me.


  1. I haven't heard of them taking away combat pay...that seems a little far-fetched. But, it IS the military...

  2. I had to send my husband a blanket too! Not because his was lost or anything, just because they didn't give his guys one! When he tells me stuff like that and I hear how sad he is, I just can't help but cry after he hangs up.

  3. That is absolutely ridiculous. Your poor guy. I will be livid if they take away combat pay. That would be insane.

  4. First, HOW was I not following your blog? I could have sworn I was. :( Second, BS on the pay issue. that's wrong on so many levels. I wont get into it though because my politics get way too serious and we know I try to keep things not serious. Third, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Three months with no sheets? Seriously. That's wrong. So wrong. :( When Tony was in Iraq they lost one of his bags midway ... and he has never seen it again. Ridiculous. He's been home since December so that tells ya something, not that I care about him any longer just pointing that one out hehe. I seriously hope they find his bags soon.