Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All Dressed Up! (Or Down, Whatever)

I absolutely love this idea, so I am definitely getting on board with it! Since the husband's not home, I'm going to get myself pretty (and showered and put together somewhat) for the beautiful ladies of the blogging world!

Before I show my little item to kick off my entry into this wonderful blog-event, I have to address something.

I have developed a serious problem with shopping. The problem being, I'm doing too much of it and I secretly don't think of it as a problem at all but know that I should. You know?

Ok, so here's what I think is going on. My husband is deployed. I went back to live with my parents. I tried to slip back into my life pre-military marriage but that didn't really work out. Last time I lived here I was just out of college and still partying like a freshman. So...instead of making myself ridiculous at bars, I go shopping.

Want to come out with us?    No, but I think I'll buy motorcycle boots instead.

Let's take a weekend trip!     Um, thanks but I can't. I'm buying cardigans.

I'm not into the bar/club scene anymore and I've changed A LOT in the past two years. It's like trying to go back to senior year in high school and realizing you're just done with that phase.

So, I shop.

And shop.

And this is what has happened to my closet.

However, I AM a bargain hunter. (Just bought me some sweet wedge sandals for $12!) 

The real problem here? I'm hoarding them until J comes home. I didn't even realize I was doing that until sometime this week. That's right. I don't even WEAR anything that I buy. I have bags and boxes full of items that still have the tags on them, and I make do wearing the same 5 outfits every week. In fact, unless I'm at work, I'm generally wearing yoga pants, my husband's Alabama hoodie, and his flip-flops (several sizes too big.)

These give a pretty good idea about what the rest of me walks around looking like as well.

And yes, I wear that outfit everywhere. We're talking the grocery store, family events, dinners out. Everywhere. I look a mess, but I don't care. 

Because you know what I have in my closet? These.

(Ridiculously impractical stripper heels found here.)

I call them my "washing the dishes stripper heels". Will I ever wear them in public? Nope. But will I feel empowered and sexy as hell while scrubbing a pan? 

Yes. Yes I will. 


  1. Those shoes are ridiculously hot! And you are not alone with the shopping/deployment dilemma. It's unbelievably common. And hoarding for the end of deployment? Been there. It's like nesting, but with pretty "when he gets home" stuff. :)

  2. i totally relate! who do you want to see you in all the cute stuff? your hubby!! so that's why it sits in your closet, been there done that. i've learned to curb my shopping habit during deployments *somewhat* cuz mine deploys 3x a year at least, so i gotz to watch my budget, hahaha!!
    hey, retail therapy, oh well! awesome dishwashing stripper heels!!

  3. Those heels are HOT and totally deserve a night out on the town when hubby gets back! I do the clothes hoarding thing too, cause who am I trying to impress? Nobody but hubby.

    Froggy Lady

  4. you are hilarious! i love the i cant attend due to a shopping addiction! thanks for stopping by my blog before! xox!

  5. Love those shoes! Before I married my husband I used to clean my apartment in booty shorts and high heels. No idea why. It just made me feel good.