Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things I Learned From Netflix

This may become my weekly Sunday thing, as I am basically dating Netflix while the husband's away. We laugh, we cry, we love, we fight. Not only that, but Netflix knows the true colors of my heart. I can't lie to it. (Not if I actually plan on seeing movies I'm interested in seeing.) 

For those of you not familiar with all of its wonderousness, this is a slice from my home screen.

Based on the films I watch, it creates categories I appear to be interested in. 

Which has led me to some personal reflection.

Pre-Netflix, I enjoyed terrible, terrible films. You know, the big blockbuster that everyone talks about with the most beautiful people in it. I still enjoy these films, however, it appears I did not truly know myself. 

According to Netflix, I enjoy "Critically-acclaimed Emotional Documentaries", "Crime Comedies of the 1940s" and "Emotional British Period Piece Dramas." That list totally makes me sound like, all cool and art house-y, but let's keep in mind that my "Suggestions to Watch Instantly" are always cartoons. (Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, and recently, She-Ra!)

Ok, so blah blah, personal revelation, blah blah, got it.

Now, the cool/weird things I have learned this week?

The 5 Things I Learned From Netflix

1. When a mother is breastfeeding her child, a chemical called oxytocin is released. This chemical creates an emotional connection, and is sometimes referred to as the  "bonding" chemical. The SAME chemical is released in both dogs and humans when we pet them. 
(So if you call your dog a furbaby-like me-it's basically dead on!)
(Decoding Dogs-Nova)

2. Steroid use has shown no long-term negative health effects in humans. In men, all effects are reversible. In women, the two effects that remain even after discontinued use are a deeper voice and...get ready to feel totally uncomfortable...enlarged lady parts (downstairs). 
(Bigger, Stronger, Faster)

3. Pre-1995, women in Fiji were seen as beautiful if they looked well-fed. In 1995, TV first came to the Fiji nation. Within THREE YEARS, 11% of young girls had developed bulimia.
(America the Beautiful)

4. Being a ballerina totally blows. 
(Ballerina and Etoiles)

5. French mothers will slap the crap out of you if you can't multiply. ("What is 2 x 6? Ughhh! If I slapped you 2 x 6 times, how many slaps would I give you?"-direct quote)
(To Be and To Have)


  1. This is so me when the husband is gone! I've been watching a lot of documentaries lately too. Saw Ballerina, totally agree with your assessment. If you haven't already, definitely check out Food Inc., Babies, The Business of Being Born and King Corn. Humans are so weird.

  2. Indeed, humans are weird! I love Netflix suggestions… And you must The Business of Being Born if you want to carry a child. It's eye-opening and amazing!

    P.S. Crime Comedies of the 1940's may just be the coolest recommendation category EVER!