Friday, February 25, 2011


You know what? Today is an excellent day for shout-outs. At first I was just going to go with ladies of the laptop, but then the whole thing got away from me and I'm not totally sure what this thing is going to be about, really. 

Alright, then. (Rolls up sleeves.)

Let's do this thing.

Person I'd Most Like to Sit on A Porch With:
Mark Twain

The man was quoted as saying, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society," as well as, "Alright, then, I'll go to hell." I would sit in a rocking chair across from him, blowing cigar smoke out of my face, and listen all night as he told me entertaining stories. (I also picture us enjoying cool glasses of Country Time Lemonade, but that's neither here nor there.)

Person Whose Closet I Would Most Like to Raid:

This chick owns metallic gold leggings and makes them work. Seriously.

Person Whose Brain I Wish I Could Visit To See How it Functions:

You know, I don't really know how to describe this other than to say she is WILDLY inappropriate and makes me cry tears of laughter/confusion frequently. 

Person I'd Most Like to Party With:
President Andrew Jackson


Person With Whom I Would Most Like to Discuss the Glory That Was the 80's:

To understand her brilliance, please see this Valentine's Day card she whipped up:

Person With Whom I Would Most Like to Discuss Business Strategies:
Kris Jenner (momager to the Kardashian clan)

How did she do it? The moment I realized just how much I respected her strategic business choices was the moment my dad told me to "Quiet down, out there!" because he was watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Person Who I Think Probably Gives Out Great 'Mom' Advice:

pumpkin pie blog

This woman makes pies from scratch, home schools her children, wins awards and recognition for her amazing photography skills- basically, she's the person I want to be once I get my sh*t together.

Person I Have a Huge, Grammar-related Crush On:

Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares

God, I wish I could punctuate with that kind of grace.

Person Whose Voice I Would Steal if Jesus Gave Me Special Powers Like That:

Person Who I Would Love to Craft With, Although I'd Be Mostly Watching Because I'm Useless:

She made this.

Ugh, she's so talented I'm throwing up. My handiwork is usually straight outta the redneck handbook. (Cabinet door falling apart? Duct tape! Damaged chair? Duct tape! Broken gun rack in the truck window? Duct tape!)

Most Stunning and Dynamic Actress of Our Time:
Cate Blanchett

I her. You know?

Person Whom I Would Most Like to Adventure With for the Rest of Our Lives:

This is a picture from my birthday two years ago, only a few months after we had met. We were both living in Korea (me-teaching, him-deployed) and he had taken me to the club district in Seoul. We had gone out, had drinks, danced, and then walked barefoot to a convenience store where we found weird crackers and an ice cream/gummy-type cake. We got back to where we were staying, realized we did not have forks and spoons, and so we broke open the disposable toothbrushes they give you to scoop ourselves some damn candy-cake.

We were made for one another, truly.


  1. I love, LOVE Cate Blanchett too, she is my choice to play me in the movie about my life. And I'd like to party with President Jackson, I'll have to remember the barrels or liquor and ice cream for my next party. I just might have to steal this post idea...

  2. We should sooo be BFF. Sitting down with Mark Twain?? It's like you plucked that right out of my brain! He would be thee most fascinating man to talk to. Favorite book? "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court". Man's a genius!

    Totally loved this post. And thanks soo much for the shout out. Everything I do though, for the record, is sooo craptastic.

    Such an entertaining post!

  3. Thank you for the shout out! I love Cate and Adele too, and as for the 80s? Woman, I'm like Rainman when it comes to the 80s. You have no idea.

  4. This was such fun to read!! I kept laughing out loud. . . Barrels of liquor and ice cream? I'm so there - that's my kind of party!

    Thanks for the shout-out, girl! I'll make you a pie any day! :)

  5. Thank you so much for the shout out. I am honored to be in the company of such greats as Nostomaniac (she's hilarious), Cate, Adele and Mr. Twain.

  6. Ha! Thanks for this! I'm pretty sure we'd have an awesome 80s convo!

  7. Oh man, I'm so flattered!! You can raid my closet anytime:)