Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kiss & Make Up

I just got off the phone with J.

We were IM'ing on facebook and got ourselves into a fight. Well, actually, I pretty much laid into him about stuff that I'd been holding in and trying not to say until I just kind of freaked out. (I did not realize that he was in the middle of a 36-hour shift, which is probably the worst time ever to decide to do this.)

So, then he calls me to basically ask wtf? We're going back and forth and at one point he's half-yelling, "Don't you know how much I appreciate you?!?"

And that pretty much ended that. How can you not start making up the minute they're angrily telling you how much they care about you?


  1. Awe I'm terrified for fights. We don't really fight anymore, we used to but have just kind of gotten to the point that we don't, but I heard deployments test that HARD CORE. This will be our first so I'm a tad nervous.

    I'm glad its all good though. You're right, how can you not make up when they're yelling how much they care?

  2. Yeah, it can definitely put a strain on the relationship in some ways, but I'm glad that I get the chance to step back and really appreciate him. Most couples are together so often I think they don't get the chance to miss one another. Deployment silver lining!