Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boudoir Bootcamp

I have decided.

This has nothing to do with resolutions and all that crap, because frankly, I believe resolutions are only good for breaking and then feeling guilty/euphoric.

It just happens, coincidentally, that I am now trying to get healthier.

Am I eating better? Thank you, MyPlate.

Am I working on my fitness? You bet my soon-to-be-smaller behind I am.

Right now I'm tracking my calories, sodium, protein, carbs, etc. with the SUPER easy to use MyPlate website, which basically just sets up the recommended amount/percentages and then all you have to do is put in whatever you ate and it figures it all out. So easy.

I have also been going to this gym and have decided that I want to be one of those people that actually runs on the treadmill. Now, I have always been of the opinion that running is only good if someone is running after you (see: freeze tag or serial killers).

I read this magazine article (Shape? Women's Health? Cosmo?) a hundred years ago and apparently it finally got through to me now. Basically, it said that if you want to start running, all you have to do is add one minute per day. In 30 days, you'll be able to run 30 minutes! So far I've been kinda doing that, so now I'm up to 15 minutes of half-assed jogging. However, I feel pretty good about it.

Ok, now, the reasons behind this.

A) I want to be healthier and feel better in my body.
B) I will be turning 26 soon and I figure I only have a few more years before I'm no longer in my prime.
C) My husband will be coming home at some point and I'd like to have him running towards, not away from, me.


D) I am getting boudoir photos done in March.

(Um, clearly that is not me. I would be photoshop's b*tch.)

Before you judge (and it's fine, I totally would, too, but then I'd be all secretly jealous and it would turn into a world of psychological melodrama) J asked for them! He was kinda joking/kinda serious, but I'm thinking he was only joking to see my reaction.

Won't he be surprised when he finds that his good, "respectable" (his words, there) wife is sending him outlandishly inappropriate photos?


Happy 1 Year Anniversary, honey!


  1. I want boudoir shots! But I need to stop being so morbidly obese first!!

  2. I bet playing freeze tag would burn a ton of calories. Running from a serial killer would also probably be a really good workout.

  3. I totally just started using MyPlate too! Awesome. I so want to get boudoir shots done. Whennn I'm skinny.