Saturday, May 7, 2011

I love me some state pah-k.

I found out today that my husband gets weirdly uncomfortable when it comes to the idea of packed lunches.

This morning, when I asked him if he wanted to bring some sandwiches while we went adventuring looking for maybe some trails or swimming or something, he got really weird about it. 

On our two-hour drive (we were in search of Magnetic Hill) he explained that his family always, ALWAYS did packed lunches and it made him feel like a little kid, but not in a good way. (Apparently in a weird way- not totally sure.) 

Either way, we eventually found ourselves spread out on a towel on Sunset Beach at Lake Murray State Park. I was just happy to be out of the car, out in the sunshine, trying to force Q dog to swim by dragging him out by the leash. (Clearly, I am a little kid). Q hopped right into the water, laid down at chest-height, and leisurely drank some of the lake. I looked like a crazy person, out there taking pictures of my dog while everyone else is photographing their kids. 

Eh, whatever.

Unfortunately, J was settling into even more of a funk after looking around. The people there...well, it wasn't really family-friendly, even though it was all families. It looked like an episode of Cops, to be totally honest. Lots of Caucasian men with sunburnt arms and bellies sporting rebel flag and white supremacist tattoos and women in bikinis bearing lots of scarring from C-sections and cigarette burns. I didn't mind- I was totally in adventure mode, but I can understand why J was ready to pack it up early.

Verdict: I'd go again, if I was closer by, but we'll probably stick to the lake around here.

Lake Murray State Park


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