Monday, May 16, 2011


My husband's schedule has been FANTASTIC since he came home from deployment! Because his leave won't be for a little bit and most of his unit is gone now, the few remaining basically just show up for PT in the morning and call it a day. Come 10am (after I've been up just long enough to brush my teeth and wash my face) J is home for the day! I'm not working right now since I'm still on the job hunt, so we really just hang out all day, every day. It's awesome.

The other day we had some gorgeous weather and J and I decided to pack up the puppia and head out to LETRA.

 LETRA= Lake Elmer Thomas Recreational Area

It's this park/lake area right on post, which means it's free to get on (have you noticed yet how cheap I am?) and that anything you'd want to rent is there and really inexpensive. Later this summer we're planning on renting a party boat for $35/day and spending a day on the lake with the in-laws- I'm pumped.

So, we walked around for a while exploring.

And then Q heard the Sirens' call of Canadian geese.

You know, the first time I realized our 3-legged dog could swim was when he jumped off a 5-foot ledge to go after a duck floating in a creek.

He seriously loves him some fowl.



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