Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is what happens when I get bored.

So this Oklahoma weather is annoying me. I know that I should have some bigger kind of emotion, like fear or awe or excitement, even- but honestly, it just drives me nuts. It's like, are we going to have a tornado or not? What exactly are we worried about when we get a severe thunderstorm warning? To me, growing up in the north, rain clouds = rain. Done. Snow is a whole other matter, but usually if there's a threat, there's a follow-through, you know what I mean? This kind of weather, where pretty much every day my husband is forcibly dragging me to covered parking so we don't get our cars freaked up by hail, is just frustrating.

The issue here is most likely the fact that, because I'm still job-hunting, the weather really plays a role in my day to day goings-on.

Like today. I was planning on checking out a state park I've never been to, but decided to stick close to home because I don't know how to read these clouds fluently yet. So, went back to the Wildlife Refuge.

First, me and the pup thought to ourselves, should we try to climb Elk Mountain?

We walked for probably 5 minutes uphill before I got nervous about a snake biting my face off (thanks, husband, for freaking me out so solidly) and then I saw a TARANTULA.


We were out.

We decided to play it safe, stay in the car, and drive up Mt. Scott instead.

That was cool and everything, but we were restless. I needed an adrenaline fix.

I've learned a few things about buffalo since moving to Oklahoma; one of the most important things is that a buffalo, who usually keeps his head down to graze, will only look directly at you if he's thinking about flattening you in a stampeding blaze of glory.

I think my dog has post-traumatic stress.

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