Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Parade Face

Growing up in a small town, parades were always a pretty big freakin' deal. 

I mean, people would throw candy at you. How is that not better than Halloween, when you had to actually do work to get that kind of treatment? At parades, you could just perch on the grass with your siblings and cousins and elbow a few people in the face and voila! candy.

Parades are magical.

Well, at least they were until my town got all lame and safety-fixated and candy was banned, using the excuse that they didn't want kids playing in traffic. 

Thanks be to Jesus, this is not at all the situation down at beautiful Oklahoma! We went to the Armed Forces Day Parade this weekend.

Not only was there candy, but there were clowns, and armored tanks, kids marching with guns (loaded? not sure what the ROTC does with that issue) and folks popping wheelies on ATV's and whatnot. 

Safety was out; awesome was in!

This is my husband's happy little parade face:

And these are unicycles:


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  1. How fun!! I was in parades ALL the time growing up and through junior high. So many good times.