Friday, July 15, 2011

School News and Xenadrine

I got an email from one of my professors in the M.Ed. program.

She asked me to being a student rep on a panel reviewing the program, its effectiveness and brainstorming ideas on how to improve. 

That's kinda nuts. 

Also nuts?

Those "before and after" photos that weightloss pills have in their ads.

Before, I used to be all like, impressed. 

But then my brother told me about this guy he worked with at a carpentry shop. When they started working there at around the same time, the guy was jacked. Then, in the space of a month, the guy put on 30 lbs. When his co-workers gave him hell about it, he revealed that one of these weightloss companies put out a casting to take a  "before" photo. He, as well as the other people contacted, put on a bunch of weight. Then the company said they were doing the next shoot in two months and everyone who did a "before" photo needed to lose the weight and get back to their jacked selves if they wanted to get paid.

Unfortunately, this guy never lost the weight. 

My brother was killing himself laughing, thinking that this fool gained all this weight for a job not only to not get the gig but also ruin his body for absolutely nothing. 

Puts things in perspective.


  1. Why is it so much easier to put on weight than lose it? Unfair!

  2. Oh well, it's better to indulge in harmful foods than health foods, right? Heck, you eat a lot and the you exercise less.

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