Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding, Part Deux

In March 2009, Josh and I got married.

It wasn't the wedding we had planned, but I loved it. We had been planning a huge event with all our friends and family and, due to a change in deployment schedule, the big wedding was switched out for a small ceremony. It was in Oklahoma on post with only a few of our closest family members in attendance. 

And now? We're planning Wedding: Part Deux. 

I am so excited!

We just wanted to have a big event (we? probably more me than him, but he goes along with it because he loves me.) It'll still be a small budget affair, but I have big plans for it. 

It will be Christmas time since we were planning on going up for the holidays anyway, we know he has a better chance of  getting time off then, and his parents were going to come up to Massachusetts this year.

I have a few things in mind...but we just want this to be all about being together and celebrating our marriage with our families. 
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It's going to be soooo fun! 

Especially since I'm meeting with a DJ/photographer duo, a married couple, and the woman describes herself on the website as a former Jazzercise instructor.

Serious fun. 

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