Monday, November 19, 2012

Playing possibilities.

My husband and I got into a brawl yesterday over whether or not we should have a Saigon-inspired party in our future home in our future life.
Sometimes we really have the most ridiculous fights.
It started when we went to see Skyfall (I'm new to James Bond movies, but I definitely recommend). Of course, being James Bond, the main character ends up in all these exotic locations during wonderfully exotic things. At one point he has a chat with a vamp (Berenice Marlohe) in an old-world Chinese casino.
(I want to be this woman. Beautiful, no?)
So anyway, this is the inspiration:
Wouldn't it be ridiculously fun to have a dinner party with this theme? I would post paper lanterns at different heights around our (someday) yard, serve Asian-inspired hors d'oevres, play mandolin music in the background, etc.

He was already getting annoyed with this because he's more of a barbecue/tailgate kind of guy. What really pushed him over the edge is when I mulled over the idea of making one of those homemade shallow pools that people do here in the winter so it'll freeze and their kids can skate. Instead of the skating rink, I basically wanted a rigged up puddle where we could float lanterns.

Like this, but a puddle instead of an ocean.

He yelled that he doesn't want to have to create a faux ice skating rink on his one day off to "have other people come over to enjoy all our stuff" and suggested we save money on a couple of these parties and just go to China ourselves.

Honestly, I'm not opposed to any argument that ends up with my husband suggesting international travel.

Someday, we are either going on a hypothetical trip or having a possible party.

I will let you know how this turns out in, I'm guessing, 5 years.

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