Thursday, November 1, 2012

"The irony is, they're going to get blood on their clothes."

Sometimes I play this game with one of my best friends. We write what are basically sound bites or pieces of conversation we hear and text/message them at random to one another, forcing each other to try and guess where they're from.

Let's play.

"Ohh, he found my dead hooker storage room."

"They hittin' that fat dude like he's a piñata."

"Listen to me you crazy b*tch! We ain't got no nuggets!"

"he meditates, and he dodges cars at busy intersections."

"I'm gonna knock the dentures right outta your mouth!"

"Who knew there was racial tension in the duck world?"

* Answer: "World's Dumbest: Brawlers 6" as seen on TruTV. Enjoy.

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